After two and a half years, it’s finally time for VKF19 to graduate from Fotoskolan STHLM. We have been tasked to turn to genuine customers and create a fictional mission where we have interpreted and made for someone else. We would like to take you through the results that reflect us as photographers and our time at this school and touch you with something beautiful. We have mastered our profession with the school’s help and developed different themes and expressions in the medium.

To work as a photographer:

There is a constant need for new pictures and material, especially in the commercial world. Photography can involve electrical skills, lighting, sound, recording film, being friendly but not too friendly, always on your toes and constantly updated to just pushing a button. It is also perspective, knowing people, having an instinct for colour and form. A superperson? Yes. Sometimes that’s how it feels. But, most of all, we are passionate about this profession because it is a form of art.